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Washington State Summer Teen Behavior Programs

By Carrie Cross ; Updated September 26, 2017
Summer behavior programs offer teens an opportunity to deal with their problems.

Helping a troubled teen can be challenge for many parents. Bewildered moms and dads are often at a loss on how to make a difference in their child’s behavior. The state of Washington offers several summer programs that give teens the opportunity to work through their issues and get their lives back on track.

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Youth Eastside Services

It’s not always financially feasible to have your troubled teen live away from home during the summer months. However, Youth Eastside Services offers several therapeutic day and evening outreach, prevention and intervention programs that your child can attend. Many of these behavior programs continue throughout the year. Located in Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond, YES offers substance abuse treatment and prevention programs, individual and family counselling, and community and school violence prevention programs.

Columbia River Young Marines

If you feel that your teen may benefit from a more challenging and motivating environment, the Young Marines in Pasco may be an option. The program offers camping, swimming, rappelling, land navigation and many other physical activities to promote positive self-esteem, pride and leadership. The Columbia River Young Marines are quick to stress that they are not building a marine corps unit and do not offer weaponry training.

Camp Outlook

Some behavioral problems in teens require tough solutions that parents are unable to give. The state recognized this and created a 120-day basic training camp for teens that offers youth a chance to re-evaluate their lives and overcome their issues. Based on the U.S. Marine Corps model, the camp provides a behavioral treatment program in a disciplined military environment. It also offers vocational, educational and job readiness skills.

Kent Youth and Family Services

The Outreach Program of Kent Youth and Family services may be ideal for summer programs for parents who work. The facilitators work with teens and families in the King County Housing Authority sites. The program provides summer programming that includes counseling, recreation, computer and educational activities. A lunch program is also available. The program sees a reduced rate of juvenile crime and is actively supported by the local police departments.

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