How to Use Summer Infant Forehead Thermometer

Infants are notorious for being difficult when it comes to taking their temperature. An infant’s temperature may need to be taken several times in their first year due to a variety of causes such as teething fevers, illness or overheating. Having a thermometer product that makes it easy and gives an accurate temperature makes the process painless for both the parent and infant. The Summer Infant Forehead Thermometer Strips give parents an accurate temperature in about 15 seconds and have both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings, according to

Take the reusable Summer Infant Forehead Thermometer Strip out of the carrying case. The carrying case is included when you purchase the package.

Place the strip on the infant's head and hold in place. The Summer Infant Forehead Thermometer Strip should be held in place for at least 15 seconds for an accurate reading.

Use the included disposable strip, which has an adhesive backing, instead of the reusable strip when temperature needs to be monitored over time. The adhesive backing allows the strip to stay in place for as long as needed, and the temperature can be quickly viewed. This prevents having to start the process of taking a temperature reading over and over again.

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