How to Use Rubber Pants When Potty Training at Night

Your toddler is beginning to master toilet training in the daytime, but cannot seem to make it through most nights without wetting the bed 3. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's common for a potty training toddler to suffer a bedtime accident two to three times per week, and the issue often resolves itself by age 5 4. Rubber pants help prevent nighttime leakage, giving your toddler a much-needed boost of potty training confidence.

Lead your toddler to the bathroom right before bed and encourage him to use the potty. Once he's finished, assist your child in thoroughly wiping down his upper legs and groin before slipping on a diaper or training pants. The rubber or vinyl pants don't allow for air movement, so make sure his groin area is clean and dry.

Assist your child with pulling the rubber pants over his diaper or training pants before helping him hop into bed. Remind your child to use the potty during the night if he feels the urge. If he has trouble getting in and out of the rubber pants and training pants at night, let your toddler know you're available to help.

Help your child remove the rubber pants and diaper or training pants if he rouses you in the night. Instead of scolding your child if he suffers an accident or wets the bed, praise him for asking for assistance at night and for recognizing the urge to poop or pee.

Remove the rubber pants and diaper first thing in the morning. Even if your child had an accident, lead him to the bathroom and encourage him to use the potty. Once again, if he didn't make it through the night mess-free, let him know that accidents happen and you'll try again tonight. Praise your child if he is able to last the night without wetting the bed 3.

Continue to use the rubber pants and training pants or diaper combination until your child consistently remains accident free for at least two weeks. Once this occurs, eliminate the rubber pants from the equation and allow him to sleep in training pants or a diaper. Continue to praise your child each morning he wakes up in a dry bed, and encourage him through the accidents.


Cover the mattress with a fitted plastic sheet to further guard against leaks.

Provide your child with plenty of fluids throughout the day, but start to limit his access to milk, juice or water after dinner to help cut down on incidents of nighttime accidents or trips to the bathroom.

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