How to Use Gerber Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are reusable, and so a more eco-friendly and less expensive choice than plastic, one-use diapers. They're also gentle on sensitive skin. They take more time and effort overall, so many parents choose a blend of cloth and disposable diapers for the first few months. There are services that will pick up your dirty diapers once a week and exchange them for new ones. If you're willing to pay the monthly fee, that can cut maintenance time.

Put a Gerber cloth diaper on your baby as you would other diapers 12. With the baby on his back, slip half the diaper under his bottom, and fold the other half up between the legs. Fold the cloth over from back to front to fit it snugly around the legs, and carefully pin them together at the hips with diaper pins. Cover the entire diaper with plastic diaper pants to keep waste from leaking out.

Change the diaper when dirty. Remove it carefully. Once your baby is changed and off the changing table, drop any waste into a plastic bag or dip it in the toilet to rinse it. Drop the soiled cloth diaper into the plastic diaper container, which will hold in scent. The plastic diaper pants can be easily rinsed.

Wash all the dirty diapers once a week or so in the washing machine. Wear plastic gloves if you prefer when moving the diapers to the washing machine. Let them soak in detergent and hot water for half an hour before washing to get them as clean as possible.

Buy another pack of cloth diapers if you find yourself running out before you have time to do laundry.


If traveling with cloth diapers, bring plenty of extras and sealable plastic bags.