U.S. Flag Activities for Kids

The red, white and blue of the U.S. flag are much more than a pattern of colors. Whether you are looking for a cute craft to make with your kids on Independence Day or just want to get the little ones into a patriotic project, U.S. flag activities for kids are ideal ways to celebrate America.

Collage Flag

Mix and match different art materials to create a craft collage flag. Start with a cardboard base. Instead of buying new board, cut an 11-inch by 14-inch rectangle or larger from an old box. Use a pencil or marker to draw a rectangle in the upper left corner and the 13 stripes on the rest of the area. Gather red, white and blue materials to collage onto the flag such as tissue paper, felt, craft foam, construction paper or fabric. Cut the pieces into different shapes and sizes. Use clear-drying school glue to attach the materials to the cardboard, using the red and white for the stripes and the blue for the rectangle area. Add small, torn pieces of white tissue or plain, white paper to the blue space as stars.

Flag Etiquette

Help teach your child that the U.S. flag is a symbol that he should respect. There is a proper procedure for tasks -- such as folding the flag -- that children can easily learn 1. If you don't have a real flag, your child can practice his flag-folding technique, using a paper printout version or even a beach towel 1. Help him to hold the flag facing upward at waist level. Hold the top end while your child holds the two bottom corners. Have him fold the bottom end to meet the top lengthwise. He can take the bottom edge and fold the flag again lengthwise up to the top 2. Fold a triangle from the bottom to the top on the right edge. Fold the outer top corner of the triangle inward. Repeat the triangle-folding steps, going all of the way across 1.

Refrigerator Magnet Flags

Celebrate Flag Day all year by displaying your child's handcrafted refrigerator magnet. Ask your child to color a 4-inch by 6-inch piece of white card stock or an index card, using red and blue markers. Glue magnetic strips to the back to complete the craft. For a more elaborate activity, have your child paint the fronts of craft sticks red and white. When the sticks dry, line them up horizontally -- stacking them top to bottom -- to make the flag's stripes. After the pattern is set, transfer them to the top of a piece of cardboard. Glue each one on tightly. Cut a piece of blue felt into a rectangle and glue it to the top left of the flag. Dot white paint onto the felt to look like the stars, using a toothpick. Attach magnetic strips to the back with glue to finish the project.


If freehand drawing isn't your child's strong suit, use printables to create U.S. flag-themed activities. Visit an educational or printable website such as Enchanted Learning, Apples 4 the Teacher or First-School. Download the flag templates to your computer and print them on white copier paper. Have your child color the flags in with markers, crayons or paint. For a more creative look, create a glitter flag using red, white -- or opal -- and blue sparkles and glue.