Tricycle Racing Games for Kids

Tricycle racing games can keep kids entertained while promoting healthy physical activity, coordination and motor skills development. Incorporate these games as part of a kid’s party, play date or just for a family afternoon activity. You can even join in the fun, and burn some calories with a smile on your face as those kiddos close in on you.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course racing game requires the kids to use a sharp eye, gross motor skills and coordination to maneuver through the course. Set up an obstacle course using sidewalk chalk, orange traffic cones, cardboard boxes stacked like buildings and empty coffee cans. As you design the course, keep in mind that younger kids don’t have the refined skills of older children, so don’t make the course too difficult to move through, with sharp corners or tight areas. Mark the finish line with some bike flags.


A trike-a-thon will keep the kiddos going for a while, making it a great way to burn off some energy. Set up a circular racetrack and mark the area with sidewalk chalk or masking tape. Mark one line to act as your start and finish line. Explain to the kiddos that every time they cross that line, they have to stop so you can give them a stamp with a rubber stamper and non-toxic, washable ink. Stickers work too, but may fall off during the racing action. These markers will indicate how many times the kids have gone around. Plus, they will like having an excuse to get all stamped or stickered up. Be sure to let the kids know that they can stop any time they want, but for safety must pull over to the side, or they can keep going until the timer goes off and you indicate that the race is over.

Straight Away Race

If you want a straightforward racing game, mark a start and finish line with sidewalk chalk. Also, use a crepe paper roll to create a finish line streamer. Use tape to secure each end to a sturdy surface on either side of the racetrack. Have the kids line up, and when you say “Go!” they are off 2. You can allow all of the children to race at once or have them go in pairs. Offer a small plastic trophy to the winner or participation ribbons for all.


Safety is a key ingredient in tricycle racing games. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your child is old enough to physically handle a tricycle, usually around age three. The trike should be low to the ground with big wheels. Your child must wear a helmet every time he is on the tricycle and should only ride in protected areas, staying away from vehicles and swimming pools. Check over the racing area to ensure it is free from small rocks and debris.