What are the Topics Taught in Parenting Classes?

Although loving your child usually comes naturally, parents often can use advice. In parenting classes, parents learn skills that can help them during difficult times, and they can also connect with other parents to exchange tips. Classes can consist of a variety of topics.

Positive Parenting

The term positive parenting refers to using encouragement, love, respect and good communication as a daily parenting skill. Classes centered around positive parenting may discuss how to communicate effectively with children, how to apply conflict management, family fun ideas, how a family can grow together in faith, and how to discuss sensitive topics with children.


A child coming into adolescence can be difficult for a family. Teenagers sometimes rebel against family rules, and they often are influenced by cultures and people around them. Classes about raising teenagers may touch upon topics such as curfews, discipline, balancing control and freedom, dating, tips for talking about sex and drugs, and college preparation.

Anger and Self-esteem

Both parent and child may find themselves in situations where hurtful words are hurled and anger takes over. Anger management classes teach parents how to deal with arguments and how to help with their children’s anger. Topics such as self-esteem and bullying at school may also be covered.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce and parental separation, although common situations, can be extremely rough for children. Classes for recently divorced parents or those going through separations may cover topics such as how divorce affects children, how teenagers can survive divorce, how to navigate the holidays, how to get along with an ex for the children's sake, and how to help children feel comfortable living in two different households. If the other parent has custody, classes may cover how to handle a long distance relationship with your children.

Everyday Parenting

Sometimes parents need tips on everyday parenting. Topics in these classes include the developmental stages in children, setting boundaries, encouraging responsibility, and figuring out your own parenting style.