How to Test the IQ of a 2 Year Old

Testing the intelligence quotient, or IQ, of a 2-year-old can be extremely difficult, owing to the developmental stage of the child 1. Results may be impacted by the fact that the child still shows stranger anxiety and cannot work if separated from a parent. However, the Stanford Binet Intelligence Test is an IQ test designed specifically for children that tends to draw out results at the extremes, whether positive or negative. A high score can be used to help get a child into a school for gifted children.

Determine whether your child is gifted for his age. According to the U.S. Office of the Gifted and Talented, there are a few indicators that determine whether a preschool child is gifted, including her ability to deal with abstract concepts, such as death or time, the ability to use humor in general conversation and an ability to make interesting shapes with crayons or blocks. If your child shows any of these behaviors, an IQ test may be beneficial.

Log on to the Internet and find a website that provides an online IQ test online. Take the test with your child. Do not help the child to understand the questions or to work out the answers as this makes the test results inaccurate.

Make a note of the raw data, which is divided by subtest, as well as the normalized score that will be given at the end. This allows you to determine areas of expertise and weakness.

Enroll the child in a kindergarten or preschool for gifted children if the results are good. The school or kindergarten will probably conduct its own testing, although a rough IQ test will usually be enough to gain the child entry to the testing phase 1. Formal IQ assessment is not conducted until the age of four, although testing children earlier may get them a head start.