The Advantages of Strict Parents

There are disadvantages and advantages to all parenting styles. There is no such thing as perfect parenting. The two main styles of parenting are permissive and authoritative 1. The authoritative method of parenting is commonly associated with strict parenting. While there are disadvantages, there are also advantages of strict parenting. Some of those advantages are evident during childhood or can emerge during adulthood.

School Achievement

One of the advantages of strict parents is that they hold their children to high standards. This is especially true with regard to academics. Strict parents demand the best grades from their children, and the children tend to perform extremely well due to those expectations. Strict parents may even limit fun activities or experiences for children who do not succeed up to their standards. This incentive can induce more studying and less slacking off with school work.


Another advantage of strict parents is that they instill confidence in their children. This happens because they help the kids learn important values, such as discipline. The children learn that they must make certain choices or deal with the consequences. This confidence can also lead to independent and decisive children and adults.


In a permissive environment, children can learn selfishness. If a child's needs are always met or if her needs often supersede those in the family, the result can be that she is spoiled. The desires of the child are downplayed with the emphasis on the greater good of a family or sibling. Strict parenting can then lead to adults who are able to cope with not always getting their way in life.


One of the most beneficial things about strict parenting is that it often teaches discipline. This is ideal for all children, but especially for those who have behavioral problems and issues. Strict parents tend to give chores and have hard-line policies regarding homework, school attendance and activities. That discipline lasts for a lifetime.

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