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How to Tell If a Boy Likes You

By braniac ; Updated April 18, 2017
Can you tell if a boy likes you?

To tell if a boy likes you might seem like an easy task, but if you are a teenager or young adult it can often seem impossible. Boys in today's world are often wrapped up in putting on a fake image of "not caring" which makes it very hard to tell if a boy likes you or if he even notices you are alive.

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Look for eye contact. If a boy likes you he will be looking for where you are and what you are doing. Even if he is trying to play it cool and not seem like he is into you, he will be looking for you when you walk into a room. If a boy likes you he will look at you in class, he will look at you in the lunch room, and he will look at you when he is hanging out with his friends.

Watch for meeting opportunities. If you really want to know how to tell if a boy likes you all you need to do is pay attention to how often you are running into the boy. If he likes you it will be obvious that he is always at the same events you are. He might end up sitting by you at a basketball or other sporting event at your school, or he might just end up right behind you in line at lunch. If a boy likes you he will go out of his way to make sure he is near you as often as possible.

Look for him to act like a dork. Yes! If a boy likes you he can often be found acting like a total dork. He might be jumping off of something trying to show you how cool he is. Or maybe he will be running around with his friends tackling each other and doing other boy type behavior. But it doesn't matter, he will be doing it for your attention and when he sees you looking at him the level of dorkiness will increase!

Watch for him to annoy you. When a boy likes you he can be really annoying. He might not be trying to play it cool at all, instead he might be hitting you or throwing things at you. When a boy really likes you he just does not know how to handle himself, so instead of coming and talking to you, he turns into an annoying jerk. But that's a sure sign he has the hots for you!


It really doesn't matter if he likes you or not. Don't let yourself get wrapped up in trying to figure it out. When he really likes you he will make sure you know it!

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