Summer Programs for a 4-Year-Old

By Amy Sutton
Your preschooler will love spending time outside during the summer.
Your preschooler will love spending time outside during the summer.

Summer for kids usually means tons of sun, excitement and often too much free time. To keep all of that time from turning into boredom, you need to find your preschooler some summertime activities. Fortunately, you will find there are a wide variety of summer programs out there to keep your 4-year-old happy and entertained for you. After all, a happy kid equals a happy mom!

Summer Reading Programs

Many local libraries offer free summer reading programs to children in the area. You can take your preschooler to the library for weekly events like story times, arts, crafts, music and learning activities. Your preschooler will love getting to take part in it all while socializing with other children his age. At the Chicago Public Library he can take part in programs such as You Are What You Read, working to read books with you to earn a book bag and also take part in raffles and visits from authors and performers. In South Carolina a summer reading program is offered statewide through the South Carolina State Library. Signing your preschooler up for these types of programs not only keeps him occupied during the summer but it also encourages him to become a life-long reader, which will benefit him when he starts school. If you check with your local library, there is a good chance a summer reading program is offered there too.

Summer Sports

An outstanding way to keep your preschooler active in the summer months is by finding a summer sports program to enroll her in. Not only can sports benefit her physically, it can also help her to gain important social skills as well. Besides that, sports are just fun! Most local sports clubs or organizations like a YMCA will offer preschool-age sports programs. At the YMCA in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area sports are offered for your little one to help her learn new skills and have a good time while staying active. Most importantly, she will learn about teamwork and sportsmanship. Sports that are available for you 4-year-old in the summer include soccer and T-ball.

Swimming Programs

What kid doesn't love to swim in the summer? Your 4-year-old is at the ideal age for learning proper techniques for swimming, so swim lessons would be perfect for him. In the city of Boston, Massachusetts at the Oak Square YMCA, swim lessons are offered for preschool-age children. During classes, children swim with a parent while learning rescue skills and stroke development. In Tuscon, Arizona at the Taylor Pool your preschooler can join a swim class to take part in age-appropriate activities that teach about how to safely enter and exit the pool and how to play safely in the water.

Summer Camps

When you think of summer camps you don't really picture your 4-year-old going off to camp but there are many preschool summer day camps for young children. In Berkeley, California, you can sign your preschooler up for a summer camp at the Habitot Children's Museum. At this summer camp she will enjoy a themed program like Space Station, Beaches & Sunshine or Circus Parade. Each program includes crafts, snack time and other planned activities. If you live in New York City you can sign your 4-year-old up for the Day Camp @ the JCC. This camp includes planned activities like outdoor adventures, sports, dance, cooking, drama and swim. Stimulating preschool summer camps like these can be found for your 4-year old in other areas as well.