How to Make a Stuffed Animal Net

A stuffed animal net is a great way to create space in your child's room. Parents recognize the benefits of great organization in their child's bedroom. A stuffed animal net is fairly easy to buy or to just create at home.

Pick up netting in the sporting goods department or at the local hardware store. The style of netting isn't important as long as it has decent tensile strength and the holes in the netting aren't so large the stuffed animals will slip through.

Create a triangle of the netting. You want a large triangle so that it will fit in the corner of a room.

Place eyehooks in the wall in triangle formation about six to ten inches apart.

Hang the net on the hooks. The lower corner of the net should form the top point of an upside down triangle with the upper two corners forming a straight line.

Load it up with stuffed animals and enjoy.

Things You Will Need

  • Netting
  • Toy hammock
  • Eye hooks


Hang two nets in the corners of the room, one for large stuffed animals and the other for smaller stuffed animals.