Statistics on Mother-Daughter Relationships

Statistics on mother-daughter relationships can confirm some things you may already know, like how you love your mother one day and can’t stand her the next 12. But statistics on mother-daughter relationships can also reveal patterns of behavior that can strengthen the mother-daughter bond and make it one of the most important relationships in your life 12.

Positive Influence

According to Psychology Today, 88 percent of adults say their mother had a positive influence on their lives -- so when you are telling your preschooler for the hundredth time to pick up her toys, you can rest assured she’s getting the message 1. She may not like to do it now, and when she’s a teenager she might get downright angry at you for asking her to clean up her room. Somewhere along the way, the valuable lessons you teach her will have a positive impact on her life.


As the mother of toddlers and preschoolers, you may find yourself feeling a little unappreciated, especially after reading the same story every night for a month and not getting even a tiny little “thanks Mommy!” You are not alone. Psychology Today reports that 88 percent of mothers say their families appreciate them enough. That means over 10 percent feel at least a little like a glorified house maid most days. Levels of appreciation, like other aspects of the mother-daughter relationship, change with time and life experience 14. That means there is hope that your daughter’s appreciation of you will grow.

Mother Versus Father

There’s good news out there for mothers with daughters. According to Psychology Today, 60 percent of women say that their mother was more influential in their lives than their father 1. Now that’s not to say Dad doesn’t play an important part, but for moms who are struggling to feel like they are making a difference in their toddler and preschool daughter’s lives, it’s nice to know.

Future Happiness

While your daughter is still running around in training pants and tiaras, it seems like your relationship will always be positive, but when she trades her magic wand for an mp3 player and likes talking to friends more than spending time with you, it’s hard not to wonder if you’ll ever be the most important person in her life again 4. The good news is that Psychology Today found 92 percent of adults say their current relationship with their mother is positive 14. Your relationship with your daughter has a good chance of becoming everything you hoped it would be by the time she’s an adult 4.