St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kindergarten Students

Saint Patrick's Day has more to offer your kindergartener than wearing green, and hoping to find someone to pinch. From tasty treats to writing activities, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this Irish tradition. On March 17th, introduce your young child to entertaining and engaging St. Patrick's Day activities you both will enjoy.

Leprechaun Fun

Little kids will light up with excitement when a leprechaun "visits" the classroom or home while they are out. You can make a bit of a mess by dumping crayons and sprinkling green glitter on the floor. Write a message, using messy handwriting, apologizing for the mess. Explain that you were just looking for your lost treasure, and sign it from "Mr. Leprechaun." You can create leprechaun traps for this activity, or you can do it as a separate activity. You can make the traps with a shoebox, blocks, clay, or any other material you see fit. Kids can paint or color the traps green and add a rainbow. Put marshmallow cereal or painted gold coins in the trap as bait. Let the children know that leprechauns are very hard to catch, so that they don’t have high expectations. When the children are away, take some of the bait and leave a silly note from the leprechaun.


Kindergarteners will love munching away on St. Patrick's Day snacks they make. You can give each child a bag of rainbow-colored, ring-shaped cereal and a piece of yarn. They can make an edible rainbow necklace while working on fine-motor skills. Rainbow cupcakes are a bit messier, but tons of fun. Bring in pre-baked cupcakes made from vanilla batter, with a bit of green food dye mixed in. Let the children decorate with icing, rainbows, and marshmallows for the clouds. For a healthier treat, bring in pre-made pizza crusts. They can be round or, if you have the time, formed into a clover shape before baking. Let the kids add marinara sauce, grated cheeses, and green toppings. Try green peppers, spinach and zucchini. No need to bake, because these little pizzas are tasty and filling just as they are.

Writing Stories

Kiddos can practice writing skills with thought-provoking St. Patrick's Day stories. Start off by giving the students a subject. You could tell them to pretend that they found a lucky four-leaf clover, and that the clover lets them make three wishes. Ask them to write down what are their three wishes. You could ask them to make a list of every green thing they can think of, and add drawings next to each item. Another option would be group writing. Give the children large Irish flags, and ask them to write down as many facts about Ireland or St. Patrick's Day that they know. The whole class could work together, or you can group the class into about five children per flag.


Kids will have a blast creating St. Patrick's Day crafts. Hand out paper plates and instruct children to draw on a leprechaun face then color it in. Let them cut out green hats, a black band and a yellow buckle, then glue the hat pieces together and the hat in the plate. Next, hand out red yarn for kids to glue on for a beard. Kindergartners can also create St. Patrick's Day mobile, which is a lovely decoration for the home. The mobile starts with a paper plate put in half. The half circle can be painted or colored to create a rainbow. Let the children glue rainbow streamers and other themed streamers, such as clover patterns, to the rainbow. Attach a hanger on top for them by tying yarn through a punched hole.