Special Ways to Tell Kids They Are Going to Disney

Many kids would be beyond excited to know they were going to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney California Adventure Park or Ko’ Olina Disney Resort in Hawaii, or on a Disney cruise 23. Each destination has distinctive features that can help you create a special and unique way to tell your kids that they are going to Disney.

Favorite Character Ideas

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests discussing vacation plans with your children. Pepper the scene with favored Disney images to direct the conversation to this special kind of family vacation. Your child probably has one or more favorite Disney characters she would like to see in person. Fabricate an invitation featuring the image of your child’s favorite characters with a request to come to Disney to meet them up close and in person at their home. Include an autograph book with mouse ears or other familiar Disney trademark emblem on the cover so your child knows the book is specifically meant to be used at whichever Disney destination you have chosen.

Disney Movie Ideas

In addition to a favorite Disney character, you child probably has one or more favorite Disney movies. Watch one of them with him and then ask him if he would like to visit where the movie was created. If he says, “yes,” present him with a copy or verification of a booking for a trip to the Disney California Adventure Park, especially if one of the favorite movies is “The Little Mermaid,” “Cars,” “Monsters, Inc.” or “A Bug’s Life.” Include a stuffed toy, game or other related item he can put in a prominent place to remind him how much fun he can have on the trip. Discuss which exhibits or shows are must-see items for the trip.

Disney Scavenger Hunt

Disney has so many characters your child will recognize that you can easily use specific items to tell her a trip to a Disney destination is in the offing. Your first hidden item could be a set of mouse ears or a picture of her favorite character and a clue for the next item. With each location on the hunt, include an item she will need on the trip, such as:

  • a suitcase
  • sunscreen
  • Disney map
  • facsimile tickets to the park

As the hunt progresses, ask her if she can figure where or how she will need each item. Discuss what the items and clues have in common.

Planning a Trip

Encourage your middle school or older child to take part in planning the trip, although you can initially refer to it as an imaginary trip. Put up a large map of the United States and help him find your hometown. Plot a journey from your town to any Disney destination, and even extend the map to international Disney parks in Tokyo, Hong Kong or Paris 4. Talk about what you need to pack such as passports for international destinations, whether you would drive or fly, expected cost and other details. Once completed, inform him that he has helped plan a family vacation to a Disney destination.