Signs of Careless Mothers

If a child misbehaves, lashes out or doesn't focus well at school, a lot of the behavior can often be linked to poor parenting practices. A careless mother can trigger some very detrimental effects on a child's life.

Lack of Concern

If a mother displays little to zero concern about the welfare of her child or children, she's probably careless and unfit for parenting in general. This is often tied to a lack of help or support for her child's education.

No SIgns of Caring

Effective mothers take care of the emotional needs of their children. These things can nurture a child and provide him with positive and healthy self-esteem, the confidence necessary to thrive in life. If a mother doesn't offer any of these things, her children run the risk of lacking confidence and importance in the world.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be traumatizing and can lead to serious psychological impacts that stay for life. Examples include:

  • threatening
  • yelling
  • insulting
  • humiliating
  • ignoring as a form of punishment
  • comparing a child negatively to others


To be a good mother, it's important to provide your children with an environment that's safe, stable and peaceful. One sign of careless mothering is fighting with other people in front of your children -- whether with a husband, other family members or friends. Exposing children to an unstable and sometimes violent atmosphere can instill fear in them at an early age and lead them to believe that's an acceptable way to live.


If a child doesn't have proper supervision or someone to look after her in her daily life -- whether it's about her eating dinner, going to bed early or doing her homework on time -- she's likely suffering from a serious case of parental neglect.


If a child is always in a frightening and unstable environment where he has to walk on eggshells due to not knowing when his mother will next explode into a fit of anger, the mother is unfit and careless in her role as a parent. This also indicates a lack of clear rules and understanding in a household.


If a child doesn't practice good hygiene and no one is there to help her or guide her, she probably has a careless mother 1. Proper hygiene encompasses regular showering and brushing teeth, having clean hair and wearing freshly washed clothing.