Signs That I Am Ready to Be a Mom

There's no formula to show when you're ready to be a mom, but there are signs that you may be ready to enter that stage in your life 2. Becoming a mother is about being in a physical, financial and mental state that's equipped to handle the responsibilities of being a parent. Motherhood requires effective parenting skills and the ability to invest time and energy into raising a child.

Long-Term Financial Stability

Consider your short- and long-term financial future to determine if you can afford to have a baby and raise a child to adulthood. A conservative estimate is that it costs over $220,000 to raise a child to the age of 18, writes clinical psychologist and author Ellen Walker in a Psychology Today article 1. You don't have to make a fortune to raise a child, but you need enough money to ensure the child's needs are met. Consider what you're going to do about work after you become a mom, including maternity leave and potential part-time work possibilities or childcare options, according to Parents magazine. A positive sign you are ready for motherhood is when your career goals and expected income line up with your child-raising goals.

A Strong Healthy Body

Think through the physical stress of having a baby and answer questions about yourself, such as "Am I healthy enough to have a baby now, or do I need to make some changes?" and "Do medical problems make it likely I will encounter pregnancy complications?" suggests University Hospitals MacDonald Women's Hospital. You don't have to be a perfect size six and eat like a marathon runner, but you want to have the health, stamina and determination to eat right and exercise during your pregnancy. You may be ready to be a mom if you have the physical fitness to undergo nine months of pregnancy and are healthy enough to actively engage in your child's ongoing development stages 2.

Willingness to Commit to Motherhood

A sure sign that you're ready for motherhood is your willingness to sacrifice your time and energy for the sake of your child. That doesn't mean you don't take care of yourself or invest in your own well-being, but it does mean that you're willing to sacrifice some of your freedom. Babies and children thrive on consistency and predictability, so you'll have to forgo some spontaneity to ensure your child is well cared for. This is especially true when a child is sick or is too young to care for herself. "Your baby’s needs for comfort and attention should be far more important than your desire to get out of the house," writes psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker in a Psych Central article 2.

Healthy Parenting Traits

Evaluate your potential parenting traits by examining your personality and interpersonal skills. For example, being a good parent requires patience, the ability to be firm and fair, good listening skills and personal sacrifice, Walker suggests. Other traits that show you're ready to be a mom include flexibility, kindness, generosity, understanding, faithfulness, dependability and sympathy. Babies and children can be demanding, so a positive outlook and the ability to handle situations as calmly as possible are good starting points.