How to Sew a Labor and Birth Skirt

The birthing experience doesn't need to be an unattractive one. Who says a mother to be can't look put together while she's in labor? Gone are the days when the blue hospital gown is the only option of choice. Now with the advent of labor and birth skirts a mother to be can feel attractive and modest throughout her laboring experience. Cords and IVs no longer need to get caught up in an oversize gown and a woman can freely walk around her room or the halls of the hospital without worrying about being immodest.

Measure the circumference of your hip and waist area directly underneath your belly. Add 20 inches to this length and divide by four. Make note of this measurement.

Measure lengthwise from below your belly to wherever you would like the hem of the skirt to fall (i.e. knee length).

Fold the fabric into four layers so it resembles a square. Measure out the length determined in Step 1 along the top of the square and mark. This is your waist measurement.

Mark the measurement determined in Step 2 lengthwise and mark. This is your hem measurement. Mark this.

At the bottom of your square create an A-Line flare by adding 4-6 inches to the the waist measurement. For example if your waist is 25 inches you want to make the bottom of the square 29 or 31 inches wide. Mark accordingly.

Cut the fabric out to create four identical panels. Finish the edges and sides of the panels.

Lay out the panels, overlapping them evenly at the edges. Pin all the panels together at the top, leaving the end of one panel unattached. Stitch the tops of the pinned panels together to create one long chain of panels. Fold over the top of each panel and stitch to create the waistband.

Attach Velcro, a button or ribbon to the open end of the unstitched panel. This will allow you to wrap the skirt and close it.