Seventh-Day Adventist Missionary Stories for Children

The Seventh-day Adventist world church has missions that reach over 200 countries 123. Adventist missionary stories for children teach about the denomination's fundamental beliefs and those who carry them out through their actions 7. The stories also offer insight into the different Seventh-day Adventist church missions, giving children ideas about how they may apply biblical principles to their own lives and in service to others 124.

The Rogue Missionary

The story of Michael Czechowski's is that of the first unofficial overseas Seventh-day Adventist missionary 245. He traveled to Europe in 1864 even though the church declined to sponsor his trip. Czechowski gained converts in Poland, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and Hungary. As early church leaders debated about doing foreign mission work, they learned that there were already Adventist converts around the world 1. Czechowski's story teaches that even in the face of doubt, big dreams are possible to achieve.

Respect for One Another

Stories about respecting the religious liberties of others teach children to accept those who are different. Tell Kristin Thomas’ story about her work with Arabic patients in Africa. Her selfless act of giving blood to a sick patient gave her the opportunity to meet the patient’s family. The family was excited that a Christian who looked so different from them and didn’t speak the same language was willing to give life-saving blood. As Thomas thought about how much she cared about the patient’s well-being, she realized that God feels the same way about all his children.

Living in a New Land

Some Adventist missionaries, such as Maria Vatanovich and her family, travel to foreign lands to start churches 7. When the family moved to central Asia, many of the residents in their new town did not make them feel welcome at first. As the community began to accept the missionaries, Vatanovich shared her beliefs with kids her age and some adults. Many of the people were interested in learning more about Christianity and visited her church. Without her family’s mission work and their patience, the people in Vatanovich’s community may have never had the chance to learn about God.

Helping in a Time of Need

One of the focuses of Seventh-day Adventist missionary work is humanitarian aid, as relief workers are considered missionaries 245. Tell children a story about the people who -- like Luz and her family -- have received assistance. After a cyclone hit Luz's community of Barangay Siempreviva, Philippines, she and her family opened their home to people who needed shelter. Even though she didn't have much, Luz shared what she had with her newly homeless neighbors. Soon Adventist relief workers brought Luz’s community supplies to collect water and prevent illnesses. While the items that the residents received were simple, they meant a great deal because it showed them that were not alone or forgotten.

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