Roller Skating Ideas for Kids

As a child, maybe you were at the roller rink every week, and now you’ve passed on your love of roller skating to your children. Roller skating is a great way to get your kids away from mindless video games and doing something active. It also makes for a cool, retro birthday party theme for your child. Keep the kids from getting bored with skating by engaging them in games that they can play on four wheels. Be sure to bring helmets and kneepads for the young ones, or if the rink requires that children wear them.

Roller Tag

This is just like regular tag -- except on four wheels. Make sure you emphasize that the kids tap each other lightly to "tag" someone and use their brakes to slow down before slamming into each other. The kids can play variations of tag as well as such freeze tag. When a child is tag, they must stay frozen until another child crawls underneath their legs. If there are a large number of kids, make two children "it" at a time.

Roller Skate Limbo

Have the DJ play the "Limbo Rock" song while the kids try to go under a yardstick. Have two volunteers hold the stick above their heads while the kids, standing in a line skate underneath it, then rejoin the end of the line. Unlike in traditional limbo, the kids can lean forward to limbo. Lower the stick a few inches for each round, and any child who touches the stick is out. The last child who passes under the stick at its lowest height wins.

Four Corners on Wheels

To play four corners in the roller skating rink, label each corner of the rink with a number, one to four. The kids must choose any corner to place themselves in. Have one volunteer blindfolded, randomly call out a corner. Everyone in that corner is out, and the rest of the kids have about 20 seconds to choose a different corner. The volunteer continues to call about corners, until only one child remains, who is declared the winner.

Roller Relay Races

Divide the kids into three or four teams and set up relay race course. For young children, it can be as simple as skating to a cone, going around it and returning to your team so the next child in line can do the same. For older kids, you can make it a little more challenging. Have the kids weave their way through a series of cones, spin twice around a cones and skate backwards back to the team, for example.

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