Ring Toss Crafts for Kids

Ring toss games are ideal for testing coordination and aim. Children of all ages will delight in earning points and competing against their siblings or peers. Instead of buying a ring toss game, you can make the activity even more fun -- and affordable -- by making the game yourself.

Paper Towel Ring Toss

For a rainy day or when you need to occupy a group of kids for a period of time, making a ring toss game out of material most people have laying around their homes is a life saver 2. Cut an X in the center of a paper plate using a pair of scissors. Place the plate over an empty paper towel roll to give the roll stability. Cut out the center of several dessert-size paper plates using a craft knife to make the rings. Set the paper towel roll in the center of the room and let the children take turns throwing the rings, awarding points for anyone who gets a ring around the paper towel roll.

Backyard Ring Toss

Your child and her friends will be occupied for hours with a backyard ring toss game 2. You'll need wooden dowels and rope. Cut the dowels to 15 inches tall and sand smooth. Bury the dowel into the ground about 4 to 5 inches deep, using a hammer. Cut pieces of rope 15 inches long, bring the two ends of the rope together to make a circle and secure with electrical tape to make the rings. Divide the children into teams and have them continue to throw the rings onto the dowels to earn points.

Carnival-Style Ring Toss

Bring the classic ring toss carnival game to your home. Purchase or reuse 12 empty glass or plastic soda bottles. Drop several globs of acrylic paint into each bottle and swirl the paint around until it covers the entire inside of the bottle, then set aside to dry. You can also just paint the outside of the bottle. Choose three to four different colors of paint and assign a point value to each color. Use small embroidery hoops with the inner circle removed as the rings. You can paint the rings or wrap them with ribbon if you choose. Set the painted bottles in a cardboard box or fruit crate and place it in your yard or the center of a room. Have each child attempt to wrap a ring around the neck of the bottles and keep track of the points they earn.

Animal Ring Toss

Let your child unleash his creativity to create this fun animal face ring toss 3. Cut several triangles out of heavy construction paper and roll the triangles to make cones that will represent the horns, ears and beaks that the ring will go around. Have your child color several paper plates with animals that have horns, beaks, tusks and ears such as:

  • unicorns
  • rhinos
  • birds
  • elephants

Attach the cones to the paper plate your child made, using glue, and allow to dry. Cut circles out of cardboard or file folders, then cut a smaller circle out in the center of the circle you just made to make the ring. Assign point values to each cone.