Recycled Art Projects on Dolphins for Kids

Dolphins are intelligent marine mammals, ranging in size from 90 pounds to 11 tons, according to 2. There are 36 identified species of dolphins -- 32 of these species live in the ocean while four live in rivers. Introduce your children to this remarkable animal and teach them about recycling by making recycled dolphin crafts 1.

Paper Mache

Make an easy paper mache dolphin from a paper towel tube, toilet paper tube, masking tape and paint. The paper towel tube creates the body while the toilet paper tube create the tail and fins. To make the tail and fins, cut the toilet paper tube in half lengthwise. Flatten both halves of the tube. Draw the tail on one and the fins on the other. Cut the tail and fins from the tube. Tape the tail and fins on the paper towel tube to create a long, skinny dolphin. Paper mache the entire project using a paper mache solution made with one part flour to two parts water. Dip strips of paper in the solution and place them on the dolphin in a criss-cross pattern. Continue to add paper mache layers to create the shape of the dolphin with a long, rounded nose. Paint with gray paint. Add eyes, mouth and a blow hole to complete the project.

Sock Puppet

Make a dolphin sock puppet from an old gray sock and gray felt. Cut the gray felt to resemble the back dorsal fin and the two side fins. Hand sew or hot glue the felt to the sock in similar locations as a dolphin's fins. Hand sew or hot glue black buttons to the toe end of the sock for eyes. An easy way to determine fin and eye placement is to put the sock on your hand. Mark the area for the fins and eyes with a disappearing sewing marker or pencil. When you remove the sock from your hand, the fabric shrinks to the original size. The marks are in the proper location for placement of the eyes and fins.


Make a moving dolphin mobile from construction paper cutouts or ocean pictures from an old magazine. Add eyes and a mouth with a marker. Locate a dolphin shape from a color book, the Internet or draw one of your own. Create a mobile with multiple cut-outs, with a minimum of three. Cut the center from the lid of a large ice cream container. Tie the cut-outs evenly around the rim with string or fishing line. Fishing line will appear invisible and make the dolphins look like they are swimming. Space three strings evenly between the dolphins to create a hanger for the top.


Children will enjoy making a dolphin mask with a round lid from a large ice cream container. Cover the surface with gray paint or gray construction paper. Make the snout with a cone of gray construction paper or the top third of a plastic bottle. Cover the plastic bottle with gray paint or construction paper. Tape or hot glue the nose to the bottom center of the paper plate. Add eye holes and the mask is complete.