Reasonable Expectations for Teen Girls

Sometimes, parents dread the teen years even more than they dreaded the sleepless nights as a new parent or when they had to put up with toddler temper tantrums 1. If your daughter is approaching her teen years, you may wonder how to handle being the parent of a teen girl 1. While every teen and family situation is different, you should instill in your teen daughter some basic acceptable behavior.

Your Expectations

The Parents Trust for Washington Children explains that it is important to require your teen to meet your expectations because that will serve her later in life. The behavior you want from your teen is the same behavior that will help her in college, be a good employee and manage her life well when she is an adult. Setting limits and expectations for your teen also shows that you care enough about her to want her to succeed.

Show Respect

One important expectation you should have of your teen daughter is for her to be respectful. She should show respect to you, her teachers, her friends, respect for society’s laws, and of course, she should have self-respect. She should not curse; she should not deliberately start fights among her friends; she should not lie and she should not steal money from your purse. She can show respect for herself by choosing not to smoke or drink alcohol, and she should not abuse herself by being promiscuous.

Be Responsible

Your teen should be responsible by coming home by curfew and she should perform her assigned chores without a reminder from you. If she drives, she should follow safe driving rules like no texting and driving, and she should follow your state's laws about teen drivers and passengers. She should strive to achieve acceptable grades and she should arrive at school on time with her homework in hand.

Be Pleasant

This can be tricky, because teenagers can be combative or sullen. Combative or sullen behavior isn't acceptable in the real world, and you shouldn't accept it, either. No one says that a teen must be in a good mood all the time, but a teen is too old for temper tantrums, or to mope or slam doors simply because she is annoyed or doesn’t get her way. You are well within your rights to expect that your teen be generally pleasant.

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