How to Raise a Son to Respect Girls

Opening doors and standing when a woman leaves the table are gentlemanly qualities that you probably want your son to possess. Actions like that show that your son knows how to respect a woman, but opening doors and saying “please” and “thank you” are just a few ways that a son needs to show respect. Teaching your son to respect girls and women starts at home, and it’s something that you begin teaching him from the time he is born 1.

Model respect for your son and ensure that the men in his life also model respect, especially geared to women, if you want your son to treat women respectfully, according to an article at, a Minnesota shelter for women and children. His dad, grandfather, older brothers, uncles and any other men in his life should treat women with respect. This means not abusing them physically, mentally or emotionally. This means they should listen when women speak and not demean them.

Respect yourself. According to, your son will not learn to respect girls and women if they do not respect themselves 1. For example, if you do everything for him such as cleaning his room, making his plate, washing his laundry and asking him whether you can do anything else for him, think about the message you are sending to him about women. You are telling him that women are there to pick up after him and be at his beck and call. To show respect for yourself, you have to be firm and consistent with him and require him to do what he needs to do.

Talk to him about showing respect for girls and women, according to In fact, you should talk to him about respecting everyone, not just females. However, when it comes to teaching him to respect females, you should converse with him about what is considered respectful, such as stopping when a woman says “no.” Talk to him about how females differ from males and explain to him that he should respect a woman’s tears, her emotions, her strength, her success and her power. He should start this from day one and continue it throughout his life.

Love your son 1. According to, when you show your son unconditional love and support, you are teaching him the same qualities, which means he’s more likely to treat his future wife and daughters with the same unconditional love and support, which is the ultimate form of respect 1.