How to Raise Children for a Brighter Future

In the process of raising your child, you are likely willing to attempt anything within your power to raise her for a brighter future. Whether you want her to grow up in a way that you did not or you simply want to ensure that her future is happy and successful, raising her to understand the importance of a bright future is key. It might surprise you to know that raising her for a brighter future isn’t necessarily all about encouraging top study habits and preparing her for an Ivy League school. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your child’s future is make sure she has good character.

Live a life of compassion to teach your child what it’s like to give, to care about others and to take into consideration the overall well-being of the world around her. According to Jim Taylor, Ph.D. and professor at the University of San Francisco, being compassionate teaches your child to be compassionate, which will lead to a much brighter future 1. Growing up with compassion teaches your child that hate is not necessary, which helps her see things from a broader perspective. This is a powerful character trait to have in the world, especially as an adult.

Allow your child to fail, advises author and psychologist, Dr. Madeline Levine. Letting her fail isn’t going to be easy for you, since you want her to succeed at everything she does. However, letting her fail is actually an effective way to help her become successful. For every failure she endures, she gains a valuable lesson on how to do better next time, how to accept that she is not perfect and how to get up, dust herself off and work even harder to succeed the next time. When you step in and prevent her from failing, she doesn’t learn anything other than that Mom and Dad will fix her problems. Learning to solve her own problems will make her future that much brighter.

Encourage playtime, imagination and exploration. According to Dr. Levine, your child learns from experience. If you want to raise her for a brighter future, you have to let her gain some life experience of her own. For example, you can tell her that reading is a fun way to get lost in an adventure, but if you don’t read to her when she’s little, she won’t actually know that to be true. When she has the freedom to play, explore and use her imagination, it teaches her to become a well-rounded child and, in turn, a well-rounded adult, which is exactly what she needs for a brighter future.