Quiet Kids' Activities for a Wedding Ceremony

The bride and groom are repeating their sacred vows, but your child is restless and distracting. This is the reality for many parents, and a child's poor behavior can quite easily ruin the wedding ceremony for the people sitting around him. Prevent this from happening to you by bringing along a wide selection of activities for your child to keep him busy and quiet. The bride, groom and everyone sitting around you will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Coloring and Crafts

Most children have short attention spans, but since many wedding ceremonies are fairly short, coloring can hold your child's attention long enough for the bride and groom to say their vows. Bring along brand new coloring books featuring your child's favorite characters to hold her interest more. You might also bring coloring sheets that you print from the Internet, most of which are free. Give your child a package of stickers and blank paper and ask her to decorate the paper. Drawing tablets and colored pencils can keep older children entertained.

Puzzles and Games

Bring a pencil and pre-printed puzzles for your child to work on during the wedding ceremony 1. Younger children might enjoy dot-to-dots or color by numbers. Older children can complete crossword puzzles or word searches in the time it takes for the bride and groom to recite their vows. Hidden picture puzzles, Sudoku and ad lib puzzles are additional ideas that will keep children occupied during the wedding ceremony.

Special Jobs

Talk to the bride and groom about assigning your child a special job to perform during the wedding ceremony. Not only will this keep him busy, but it will also help him feel like he's an important part of the big day. Perhaps your child could use a disposable camera or two to take pictures of the ceremony. It'll keep your child busy, but the things he photographs are bound to be special memories for the newly married couple. You might also give your child a greeting card and a pen and ask him to write a message to the bride and groom or quietly pass out tissues to the guests as needed.

Additional Activities

Bring your child colored beads and string so she can make necklaces or just string the beads for fun. A small lump of clay or dough can be quite entertaining to children, too. Pre-cut paper dolls are another option. If all else fails, bring along a few of your child's favorite quiet toys, such as stuffed animals and books, to keep her entertained during the ceremony.