PVC Pipe Marshmallow Shooter Instructions

Making a PVC marshmallow shooter is an inexpensive and fun project that you can do with your kids 12. The shooter consists of a series of PVC pipe pieces connected in a manner that forms two handles, a mouthpiece and a barrel. Once the gun is constructed, you shove mini-marshmallows into the gun barrel and blow hard into the mouthpiece. The air pressure sends the marshmallow flying through the air as soft edible projectiles your kids will have hours of fun with.


All of the materials needed to build a PVC pipe marshmallow shooter are available at any hardware store 12. You will need 27 inches of drinking-water-grade 1/2-inch PVC pipe, two 1/2-inch PVC L-connectors, two 1/2-inch PVC T-connectors and two 1/2-inch PVC end caps. The only tools you need for this project are a hacksaw and a tape measure. And, for ammo, you will need a bag of mini-marshmallows.


Cut five 4-inch-long and one 7-inch-long pieces of 1/2-inch PVC pipe. The barrel of the shooter will be the 7-inch piece of pipe. Connect a T-connector to the left end of the shooter's barrel piece so that the extra openings point down and left. Connect a 4-inch piece of pipe to each of the remaining openings on the T-connector. Cap the downward pointing 4-inch piece with an end cap. This forms the first handle. Connect another T-connector to the left end of the left-pointing 4-inch piece so that the T-connector points upward and left. Connect a 4-inch piece of pipe to the upward-pointing opening on the second T-connector. Connect an L-connector to the top of this piece so that the second opening on the L-connector points left. This forms the mouthpiece.

Go back to the second T-connector. You should still have one opening pointing left. Connect a piece of 4-inch pipe to this opening. Connect an L-connector to this new piece of pipe with the L-connector's second opening pointing down. Add a piece of 4-inch pipe to the remaining opening on the L-connector and cap the pipe at the end. This forms the second handle.

You can increase the air pressure in the gun by building two blockages using tissue or something similar. Place one blockage to the left of the T-connector that forms the rear handle and the mouth piece. Place the second blockage in the top of the front handle. This will concentrate the air pressure into a smaller section pipe for increased power.