How to Make a Purity Pledge

True love waits

Do you have old fashioned ideals and values that tell you that you want to wait until marriage to have sex? Does your faith in God and biblical teachings convict you? Do you want to stay pure for your future mate or for God? These are the basic principles behind the Purity Pledge or the Purity Promise.

The first step is to make the pledge. The pledge should be taken as seriously as wedding vows. It is not a commitment to be taken lightly. "I will not have sex until marriage". Further still, the pledge implies refraining from "flirting" with the whole area relating to this subject.

A lot of people wonder if you can still have a boyfriend/girlfriend if you've made a purity pledge. Yes. But it is advisable to be forward with your pledge so that it is understood and so that this person will not pressure you, but will respect your pledge. I have found that making this pledge has helped filter through many potential mates that shouldn't be considered to begin with.

Making the pledge can be compared with marriage in a sense. You make the promise of marriage to your spouse and to God, and if you really mean it and are deeply commited, then when temptations come (and they will) you look down at your ring and remember what your heart and soul truly want.

Some people believe that if you have already "messed up" that it is too late for you. Please don't feel this way. God can renew your heart and make you pure again. God is love and it is never too late to make a commitment to Him. Start today new. "Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me"