How to Get Pregnant While on Depo-Provera

The Depo-Provera shot is intended to help prevent pregnancy, and is a very effective prevention method. Depo-Provera claims that only one out of 100 women will become pregnant when using the product each year, and those numbers can decrease dramatically if each woman takes her shot at exactly the right time of each month and uses other safe sex practices such as abstinence or using condoms.

If you are trying to get pregnant while on Depo-Provera, however, your best bet is to stop taking your shots altogether. This shot helps prevent pregnancy, and will only decrease your chances of an intended pregnancy.

How to Get Pregnant While on Depo-Provera

Discontinue taking your Depo-Provera shots in order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

Start testing your ovulation cycles each day following your next period. This will help you determine when and if you are ovulating to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation test kits can be purchased online or at most major drug stores, and are completed by testing the urine for a specific chemical that occurs in the urine when a woman is ovulating. You can either test urine from a cup or a direct stream. Follow the directions and read the results. Check the packaging for specific instructions—typically two parallel lines indicate you are ovulating, whereas only one line will mean you are not.

Time intercourse based on when you are ovulating. This gives you the greatest chances of getting pregnant. You are most fertile during your ovulation window. If you are aware of when you are ovulating, you can time intercourse a couple of days before and after to give you the best chances of getting pregnant.

Continue testing your ovulation cycles each month and timing intercourse to your ovulation each month until you become pregnant. This can take several months, or over a year or more for some people. Many believe that the longer you are on birth control (either Depo-Provera or the pill), the longer it will take for you to get pregnant 1. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim.

Do not take the Depo-Provera shots again once you become pregnant. Taking these shots while pregnant can cause serious birth defects or problems within the pregnancy.


If you become pregnant while on Depo-Provera, notify your physician immediately and stop taking your shots. It can be tricky to pinpoint a pregnancy if you have very light periods or have stopped getting your period while on the Depo-Provera shots. You will need to be very careful and listen to your body's cues for possible pregnancy—such as morning sickness, lightheadedness, tender breasts or even a constant stuffy nose or increased sensitivity to smells.