How to Predict Baby Gender using a Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

A Chinese birth calendar is a fun way to start dreaming when you first learn you are pregnant.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is an ancient tradition that many believe can accurately predict an unborn baby's gender. The original Chinese gender prediction calendar was found buried in a tomb near Beijing about 700 years ago. While it's unscientific formula may never be known, many have found the calendar to be accurate. Expectant couples turn to it early on in pregnancy for baby gender prediction, as an ultrasound can't tell the sex until about 20 weeks.

Search for a copy of the Chinese birth calendar online.

Find the mother's age at the time she conceived on the birth calendar. Put your right pointer finger on the correct age.

Find the month in which the baby was conceived. Remember, this could be different than the month in which you realized you were pregnant. Put your left pointer finger on the correct month.

Slide your two fingers down and across the Chinese pregnancy calendar until they meet. The axis block that matches the mother's maternal age and the conception month will have an M -- "male" -- or F -- "female" -- in it, telling you the baby's sex.


The original Chinese birth chart is kept at the Beijing Institute of Science.


The Chinese birth chart should not be considered scientific or fact. An ultrasound is the only definitive, proven way to know a baby's gender.