How to Potty Train a Boy at Night

Potty training your toddler boy during the night requires different tactics than the normal daytime routine 3. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's common for a child to wet his bed two to three times per week during the early stages of potty training, and the issue generally resolves itself around age 5 2. Your child is unaware of his urges to potty at night, meaning you must avoid punishing accidents and instead praise those mornings when he does wake up dry 3.

Encourage your little boy to use the bathroom right before it's time for bed. Lead your toddler to the bathroom and if necessary, help him slip off his diaper or training pants and use the toilet. If he's not wearing training pants during the day, provide your toddler with a pair at night. According to the University of Michigan Health System, training pants aren't as absorbent as diapers, making it easier for your child to tell that he's wet 4.

Lead your toddler to bed and tuck him in before encouraging him to use the potty at night if he feels the urge. If your toddler is apprehensive about using the toilet at night, let him know you're available to help him to the bathroom. Otherwise, leave a nightlight in his bedroom and leave the bathroom light on to make finding the toilet less frightening in the dark.

Help your toddler to the bathroom if he rouses you in the night. Allow your toddler to pull down his own pants and training pants before helping him onto the toilet. Once finished, lead your toddler directly back to bed for the evening.

Check your toddler boy's training pants first thing in the morning. If he's made it through the night without an accident, give him plenty of praise and a hug. If your toddler suffered a nighttime accident, let him know that it's okay and you'll both try again the next night.

Continue to monitor your child's training pants in the morning. Once your toddler boy is able awaken dry for two weeks, transition him from training pants to big boy underwear. Make an event out of purchasing the underwear and encourage your toddler to tell his family members that he's big enough to wear underwear like the older kids.


Slip a plastic cover over your little boy's mattress to prevent staining due to bedtime accidents.

Help prevent nighttime accidents by limiting your toddler's liquid intake after dinner. Don't deprive your child of beverages if he's thirsty; instead, limit the amount of juice, water or milk offered to help him stay dry throughout the night.