How to Potty Train a 1-Year-Old Boy Who Can't Talk

To potty train a 1-year-old boy who cannot talk, you will need to use a quick training method, not one that takes days or weeks and relies on the child's ability to understand long-term planning and rewards 1. Fortunately, this type of potty training has been used for generations in traditional cultures around the world and even in America prior to the last few decades. In the United States, potty training typically started before 18 months prior to the 1940s.

Determine your toddler's readiness to potty train. Boys are ready when they can walk on their own and are having consistent bowel movements at about the same time every day. This normally occurs between 15 months and 27 months.

Block off 3 days on your calendar to begin potty training 1. These 3 days will be dedicated entirely to potty training at home, so you cannot schedule any outside activities during this time.

Place a child potty chair in each of the rooms where your 1-year-old boy typically spends time. Allow him to touch, look at or play with the chair for a few days before starting training so that he is used to it and does not try to play with it instead of use it once training starts.

Remove your 1-year-old boy's pants and diaper in the morning of the first day you begin training. Your child will go naked for the full 3 days of training.

Feed your toddler salty snacks, such as pretzels, and lots of water or juice so that he will need to urinate.

Feed your toddler salty snacks, such as pretzels, and lots of water or juice so that he will need to urinate.

Say "Pee into the potty" or "Poop into the potty" or some other words of your choosing every time you sit him on the potty.

Praise your child when he successfully goes in the potty. Do not bribe him with food or treats but instead cheer for him, tell him how great he is and do a "potty dance" that entertains him.

Continue potty training for the 3 full days or until he has initiated going to the potty and using it on his own at least ten times 1. Most children learn to use the potty within those 3 days, but some might need up to a week to fully get the idea.


Have plenty of cleaning rags and supplies available to clean up any accidents that occur during training.

After your 1-year-old boy is potty trained, do not put him in underwear for a few weeks. Instead use only pants so that he does not confuse underwear for a diaper and revert back to wetting himself.