What Are Pool Noodles Made Of?

Pool noodles are synonymous with swimming pool fun. The long, skinny foam tubes, named for their resemblance to noodles, are used as flotation devices and in a number of playful games.


Pool noodles are constructed from closed cell polyethylene foam. The flexible, lightweight material floats in water and can be bent into a number of shapes.


The average pool noodle measures around 60 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. They may be either hollow or solid and come in a variety of colors.


Pool noodles serve as flotation devices for novice swimmers. Their soft nature also makes them safe for pool games, from assorted sporting events to playful fighting.


Pool noodle sleeves link noodles together in order to build rings and obstacle courses. Pool noodle connectors are foam joints that are longer than sleeves and have holes on all sides, allowing for the construction of more complex shapes and structures.


Pool noodles may be combined with polyester meshing to make floating pool chairs, loungers and rafts.