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How to Play Around the World Basketball

By Kerry Winans ; Updated April 18, 2017
Play Around the World Basketball

How to Play Around the World Basketball. Do you want a fun game that will also help to improve your outside shooting? "Around the World" is just the game for you. Played with others--or just by yourself--you will be shooting from all areas of the basketball court. Because you have to make a shot in each specified spot--you are sure to gain confidence in your outside shooting. This article focuses on how to play "Around the World." The shot distances are geared for an intermediate player--you can change the distances based on level of experience.

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How to Set Up the Game

With cones (or other markers), start placing them around the court. These will be the shot spots. The following steps will direct you where to place them. You will place a total of 11 markers.

Place a marker 3 feet to the left of the basket. This is the layup shot.

Place a marker 6 feet to the left of the basket. If you are on a basketball court, this is the low block on the lane. This is the low block shot.

Place a marker 12 feet to the left of the basket. This is the corner shot.

Go on a 45-degree angle from the basket until you are about 12 feet from the basket. This is the wing shot.

Place a marker at the elbow of the lane. This is the intersection point of the vertical lane line and the free-throw line. This is the elbow shot.

Place a marker on the free-throw line. This is the free-throw shot.

Put markers at the same spots as Steps 2 to 6, except on the right side of the court. You should now have 11 shot spots.

How to Play the Game

Start on either the left or the right side by shooting the layup shot. If the shot is made, you proceed to the block shot. If the layup is missed, you get another attempt. If you miss it again, it is the other player's turn.

After you have made the layup shot, proceed to the block shot. If you make this shot, you proceed to the corner shot. If you miss the block shot, it is the other player's turn, or you can choose "press" where you can try the shot again. If you miss the press shot, you have to start back at the layup on your next turn. If you choose not to press, your next turn will start at the low block.

The object of the game is to move through the entire circuit of 11 shot spots before the other player(s). Remember, if you miss a shot, you can allow the other player(s) to take their turn and you will resume in the spot that you missed. If you choose to press and make that shot, you keep going--if you miss the press shot, you have to start at the very beginning when it is your turn again.

Things You Will Need

  • Basketball
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Shot Spots: 11 Cones or Floor Markers (Chalk works great if outdoors)
  • At least one other player if you want to play a game; or you can shoot by yourself and track your progress if you wish.


This game helps replicate the pressure of shooting in a game. Try to shoot the shots at game speed. Have the other players rebounding the shots and making good passes. Step to the catch and use good form for your shots. For more experienced players, you can add longer distance shots including 3-pointers to the shot circuit.

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About the Author

Kerry Winans has been a passionate basketball player and coach for many years. As the founder of Core10 Basketball, Kerry has created a foundation for building basketball fundamentals for players at every level. He truly enjoys helping players and teams to reach their full potential. As a student of the game, he is continuing to learn new and innovative methods of basketball instruction.

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