Pinecone Activities for Kids

Pinecones of all shapes and sizes are abundant during the fall of the year in many areas. It seems a shame to leave these gifts of nature sitting on the ground. Save the pinecones from the weather and create interesting and unusual craft items with your kids. If you do not have an area to pick up free pinecones, don't fret. Pinecones are available at craft stores.

Glitter Cones

Glitter cones are made from pinecones with open leaves. These pine cones sit easily on their wide base and look similar to a Christmas tree. Each pine cone is rolled in white school glue then rolled in glitter. The glue and the glitter are placed on two separate paper plates. The paper plates are easily held in place by your child while rolling the pinecones. The white glue is kid friendly with easy cleanup. Display the completed glitter cones in a bowl or attach a hanger to the wide end and use the glitter cone as a window or Christmas tree decoration.

Bird Feeder

Feed the birds with a pinecone covered with bird seed. The process requires the pinecone to be covered with peanut butter then rolled in bird seed. The first step is to tie a length of fishing line around the base of the pinecone to create a hanger. Two paper plates hold the peanut butter and the bird seed. The peanut butter is spread across one paper plate while bird seed is placed across the other. Your child then rolls the pinecone over the peanut butter and in the bird seed. The bird feeder is now ready for hanging.

Pinecone Turkey

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with pinecone turkeys. A pinecone turkey is made with pinecones with open leaves. The wide end of the pinecone is the back of the turkey. Construction paper feathers or real feathers, if available, are glued between the pinecone leaves with a nontoxic school glue. An acorn or round bead is glued to the small end of the pinecone to form a head. The pinecone turkey is held upright using a pipe cleaner wrapped around the middle of the cone to create two feet.

Pinecone Wreath

A pinecone wreath is made using a paper plate. The center paper plate is cut from the paper plate to create a ring. A zigzag line of white glue is made around the ring. Pinecones of all shapes and sizes are placed on the ring and left to dry. The hanger is made from a piece of ribbon or jute glued to the back of the wreath. This project can also be done using glitter cones 1. The result is a dazzling pinecone wreath.