The Best Pillows for Children

Sleep is a very important aspect of growth in children. It is essential that children sleep well and in the correct sleeping posture. Introduce your child to the pillow only at or after age 3. The pillow should be low, not high, and firm, not soft. There are several additional factors to look into when choosing a pillow for your child.

Size and Shape

Find the right sized pillow for your child's age 1. If the pillow is too large, chances are that it is too high. Do not simply toss an adult pillow on your child's bed. Research your child's average sleeping position. Find a pillow that is firm and possibly contoured to cradle the head and neck.


Your child could be sticking his or her face in the pillow at some point during the night. In any case, the child breathes close to the pillow, so it should not have any allergens either inside or outside. Avoid feather-stuffed pillows. Look for pillows advertised as allergen-free and those able to block dust mite allergens. Organic pillows are also a good option to keep away dust mites and other allergens. They are made of organic cotton and are filled with latex, wool or buckwheat hulls.

Supportive Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are beneficial to all children, and especially if the child has a medical condition of the neck and spine 3. These pillows regulate the spine and posture. Ask your child's pediatrician about her specific condition and the use of supportive pillows. Choose visco elastic or latex construction.

Neck Pillows

These are U-shaped pillows that hold a baby's head in place for a healthy neck and spine.

Pillow for a Specific Purpose

Give your older child a reading pillow for good posture and comfort while reading. A bed-rest pillow can go on a sofa chair as a decorative item in the living room or your child's room and can give a young child the extra cushioning on the big sofa.

Decorative and Entertaining Pillows

You do not need to compromise on health and posture when selecting a decorative pillow. Pick theme pillows plumped with polyfill or organic materials for your creative dreamer and adventurer or plush animal pillows for your animal lover.