Parenting Techniques of a Tiger Mom

Yale University professor Amy Chua popularized the term "tiger mom" after the release of her bestselling book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." In the book, she detailed how she raised two daughters by being a strict, authoritarian parent who never expected anything less than perfection at all times 3. While this method of parenting has been embroiled in debate from day one, you can decide whether a no-holds-barred parenting style is right for you and your child.

High Standards

In her book, Chua details how her two daughters excelled in school -- because she expected them to. Tiger moms have high standards they hold their children to. Whether it's getting straight A's in school, winning the science fair or kicking the winning soccer goal, tiger moms expect and insist on the best. That means plenty of prep, effort and hard work on the part of the children.

Time and Effort

Tiger moms put as much into parenting as they expect to get out -- that means a lot. In order to raise children who are smart, well-rounded and obedient, it means knowing their schedules, their homework and all of their other engagements and responsibilities as a mother. This can take a lot of time and effort. It's a lifestyle that is essentially dedicated to the raising of children.

Strict and Authoritative

Tiger moms rule the den and their tiger cubs know it. Tiger parenting is a form of authoritarian parenting, meaning that the parent makes the vast majority of decisions for the child and expects her child to then play by the rules set forth. Strict boundaries and rules are set and the consequences for not staying within those boundaries is enforced, without question from the child. A tiger mom has to be consistent, strict and precise to ensure that disobedience isn't an option.

Social Standards

At the beginning of her book, Chua notes that her children were never allowed to play with friends, have sleepovers or schedule social time. Instead, they were too busy studying academics and practicing musical instruments to have social time. A tiger mother appreciates excellence above all else -- a child's social life has to take a back seat to studying, practicing and striving to be nearly perfect.