How to Make a Paper Lightsaber

A lightsaber is the special weapon of the Jedi, according to the "Star Wars" movies, and there is much significance to this unique weapon. If you or your children are fans of Star Wars, make this fast and easy lightsaber which can be decorated to look real when you complete the folding techniques. Try this fun project and delight your kids by making a paper lightsaber.

Make a Paper Lightsaber

Fold the paper in half side to side. Crease and unfold.

Fold one side edge in to the center fold and crease the fold. Unfold the fold.

Cut carefully along the entire fold line created in Step 2.

Fold the new smaller rectangle into equal thirds lengthwise. Crease well.

Open out the folds and place the rectangle with the right side of the paper facing up. Fold up from the bottom approximately 3 inches. This fold is creating the handle of the lightsaber so make it as long as you wish it to be. Keep folded.

Fold the rectangle again into thirds with the bottom fold in place. Open out the folds and fold in the bottom right corner at a diagonal angle. Refold the folds again and tuck the left corner into the right folded corner. Make all folds sharp.

Crease the other end of the lightsaber by folding the corners in to form a point.

Fold along the edges of the handle side of the lightsaber to make the handle slightly narrower.

Fold along both outer edges of the blade of the lightsaber to make it slightly narrower. Make the very tip of the lightsaber a point by folding it to a point.

Make all folds and creases very sharp with your fingernail.

Hold the lightsaber gently and very lightly pinch the lightsaber to make it three-dimensional to finish the lightsaber.


Use a larger piece of paper to make a realistically sized lightsaber.