How to Operate the Munchkin Bottle Warmer

Munchkin is a brand that produces many types of baby-care products and feeding accessories, including bottle warmers. These bottle warmers are designed to warm baby bottles, to ensure the contents of the bottles (whether formula or breast milk) are the proper temperatures for infants. While the operating instructions of the Munchkin bottle warmer are relatively straightforward, parents and caregivers must be careful to use these devices correctly to avoid potential injuries from overheated liquids.

Place the bottle warmer on a solid, flat surface, such as a countertop, near an outlet. Insert the plug into the wall outlet. You will notice a green light appear, indicating that the device is now turned on and ready to begin warming.

Remove the measuring cup from the front of the device. Consult the chart found with the instructions to determine the amount of water you'll need to add to the measuring cup. It is important to use the right amount of water to avoid damaging the device or overheating the contents of the bottle. Fill the measuring cup with the necessary amount indicated on the chart.

Pour the premeasured water into the warming chamber. Then place the lift-out basket into the bottle warmer. The lift-out basket will enable you to easily remove the bottle after warming has finished.

Place the bottle into the bottle warmer and press the "On" button. The light will change from green to red, indicating that the device is now warming. It will take approximately five minutes for the bottle warmer to warm the contents of the bottle.

Remove the bottle immediately when the warmer alerts you with a beeping sound, indicating that it has finished warming. You will also notice that the light has turned from red to green, indicating that the device has finished heating.

Shake the bottle to help the internal temperature of the liquid to equalize. Test the temperature of the contents of the bottle by squirting a small amount of the liquid onto your wrist. The liquid should be approximately body temperature and no warmer. Serve the bottle to the baby immediately.


Clean the bottle warmer by unplugging it, then wiping both the outside and inside of the device with a damp sponge. The measuring cup, lift-out basket and lid of the bottle warmer can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher.


Never use bottles that are not designed for use inside a bottle warmer. Special care must be taken with glass bottles, as some can break when used in a bottle warmer. To avoid overheating a bottle, always insert the lift-out basket prior to placing a bottle into the device. Don't move the bottle warmer after it has finished warming, as it may be hot to the touch and could possibly cause burning. Never submerge the bottle warmer into water, as it could harm or ruin the device.