NYC Art Programs for Teens

Participating in the arts gives teens the opportunity to express themselves, be creative and try new activities. In New York City, teens can choose from a range of art programs and classes at art museums, colleges and studios, whether their interest lies in photography, painting, drawing or pottery.

Museum Programs

Teens can participate in an array of art programs at city museums. At the Museum of Modern Art, teens can choose from several free art classes, including In the Making, CLICK@MoMA: 3-D Printers and Artistic Hacking and (Em)Power Tools: Using Art Materials to Create Social Change. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers teen programs including Art Explore, Saturday Sketching and Celebrate and Create. At the Rubin Museum of Art, teen programs include Get Involved and Keep Growing.

School and College Programs

New York University Family Care offers a variety of programs during the summer for teens, including FashionCampNYC, the Public Theater-Shakespeare in the Park and the Summer Arts Institute, at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School. The New York University Tisch School of Arts has a summer high school program for high school sophomores and juniors, where college credit can be earned while participating in filmmaking, musical theater, dramatic writing and imaging. Pratt Institute offers a summer art program to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors that gives students an opportunity to learn more about creative writing, art and design.

Art Studio Classes

The Art Center offers teen art classes throughout the year that gives teens the opportunity to choose what types of projects to work on, while still receiving guidance from trained artists. During the summer, teens can spend one to two weeks at the Art Center, painting, drawing, writing stories and creating sculptures. At the Art Studio NY LLC, you'll find a range of art classes and camps for teens, including Drawing and Painting Technique and Self-Expression.

Art Apprenticeship Programs

Teens can also apply to participate in some of the art apprentice program offered in New York City. Free Arts NYC has a teen arts program with an artist apprenticeship. Teen apprentices work with professional artists to learn skills and about the discipline of an artist. Studio in a School has a teen apprenticeship program during the summer for teens 16 years of age and older. During the program, teens will work with young children during art lessons, learn about the fundamentals of art and have the opportunity to get a paid summer job at the school. The Brooklyn Museum gives high school students the opportunity to learn about art and art history and to assist in teaching younger children about art through a paid internship.