Napkin Ring Ideas for Kids

An inexpensive decoration for any table setting is a set of homemade napkin rings. Making homemade napkin rings, whether made of new or recycled materials, is a project your crafty child will enjoy. Kid-friendly napkin ring projects include napkin rings made with construction paper, felt, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, beads and pipe cleaners.

Construction Paper

A kid-friendly homemade napkin ring uses a 1-by-6 inch strip of either construction paper or felt. Three possible surface adornments are possible with this project. The first is to color or decorate the surface of the strip with colored pencils, markers or crayons. Alternatively, glue adornments such as glitter, sequence or beads to the surface. The third possibility is to attach a construction paper or felt shape such as a flower to the center of the strip. Complete the napkin ring by securing the ends with a 1/2-inch overlap. Glue or staple the ends together.

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tube

A 1- to 2-inch slice of paper towel tube is the base for this napkin ring project. Color or cover the ring before adding surface adornments such as glitter, sequins, construction paper or felt shapes. Possible surface coloring techniques include paint, markers or colored pencils. An alternative to coloring the surface is to wrap the ring with aluminum foil or glue decorative paper to the ring's surface.


A selection of one-fourth to three-fourths inch beads serve as the adornments for a beaded napkin ring. Cut a length of 18-gauge beading wire 10 inches long. Bend the wire 2 inches from one end. Slide beads onto the opposite end of the wire to create a 6 inch string of beads. The bend creates a stopping point for the beads so they will not fall off the wire. Twist the ends of the wire together as close to the center of the beads as possible to create the napkin ring. Cut off the excess wire to prevent injury.

Pipe Cleaners

A pipe cleaner napkin ring can utilize a single pipe cleaner, or multiple pipe cleaners for a colorful addition to your table. Each ring requires a 7-inch length of pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner to create a circle. Overlap the pipe cleaner one-half inch from each end. Twist the pipe cleaner together at the one-half inch mark to secure. Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around the ring. For multiple pipe cleaners in one napkin ring, place the grouping of pipe cleaners together side-by-side. Secure the grouping together with a separate length of pipe cleaner. Add a pipe cleaner flower or shape to the top center of the napkin ring. Attach the flower or shape to the napkin ring by wrapping a separate pipe cleaner through the shape and around the napkin ring.