Mom's Duties

A mom’s plate is never empty. She is a mom from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed. And sometimes even after she goes to bed, such as when awakened by the crying of a sick child at 3 a.m. It would be impossible to list all of a mom's duties. Some are more important than others, but they extend far beyond the basics of feeding and clothing her children.

Love and Care

A mom must love her child unconditionally. She must persevere through the temper tantrums, the "I hate you"s and the chronic complaints. By loving her child, a mom helps him establish positive relationships as he grows up to adulthood. A mom must care for her child’s needs, including food, health care and housing 1. And she must also comfort him when he falls off his bike, gets chosen last in gym class and when his first girlfriend dumps him. She must also care enough to guide her child along the right path in education, manners and morals.

Clean and Organize

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but a mom is still usually the person most responsible for maintaining the home. She must provide a clean (not necessarily perfectly clean) environment for her child to live in. A mom must know how to organize a kitchen and keep bugs at bay.


A mom must do a lot of walking, starting from the time her baby is in a stroller. It's a mom's unofficial duty to walk her child to the playground, or around the mall looking for the perfect pair of jeans, or to the correct field for her child's soccer game. Moms also drive a lot: to violin practice, to Little League games and to friend's houses, to name just a few destinations.


A mom should be her child’s biggest supporter. But it involves more than telling her child how special she is. A mom must be supportive when her child decides to participate in drama club instead of playing volleyball like Mom did. A mom must know when it's necessary to overrule her child's decision, but she must use her power wisely. If a mom doesn't insist on guiding all of her child's decisions on the small stuff, she's more likely to be heard on the really important issues affecting her child.

Role Model

A mom must be a role model for the habits she tries to ingrain in her child. If she doesn't, her child will think she's a hypocrite and lose respect for her, especially as the child grows older. If a mom wants her child to treat others with kindness, for instance, she can't let the child hear her trashing others behind their backs.