How to Mod a Nerf Dart

Nerf guns are popular among adults and kids alike, but stray shots and broken darts can soon deprive you of valuable ammunition and leave you regularly spending money on new packs of foam projectiles. A small and inexpensive modification to the standard Nerf foam darts, requiring nothing more than a packet of drinking straws, can add range and accuracy to your shots while reinforcing them against wear and tear.

Insert a drinking straw into the hole down the center of a Nerf dart 2. Mark the straw where the dart ends, remove it, and cut the straw so that it will sit flush inside the middle of the dart.

Use the cut straw as a measure and cut more straws for each Nerf dart you want to modify 2.

Add a spot of heat glue to the front of the cut length of drinking straw and insert it into the Nerf dart, glue first 2. Allow the glue to set before use. Repeat with all your Nerf darts.

Use the darts as normal with your Nerf gun. The small amount of extra weight from the heat glue at the tip will add range and accuracy to your shots, while the straw insert increases the air-tight seal within the gun for extra power. The straw also reinforces the foam body of the dart, helping to prevent it from splitting with prolonged use.


Don't use too much glue. If the dart becomes too heavy its performance will be reduced.