Military Style Boot Camps in Tennessee

There are several military-style boot camps in Tennessee.

Military-style boot camps offer those who attend a highly structured and often very strict environment. Mainly, those who are sent to boot camps have a very defiant nature, or are looking for a positive life transformation, such as weight loss. Others attend these boot camps because of incarceration in the criminal justice system. Through this strict atmosphere, including interaction with a drill instructor, these camps seek to help those who participate \"get back on track,\" so to speak, offering both security and structure to accomplish this goal. There are several military-style boot camps in the state of Tennessee.

Transformations 4 Life

Transformations 4 Life is a military-style boot camp located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A fitness-oriented boot camp, it utilizes military-style routines to help its participants relieve stress and lose weight. Campers range from all ages, from 18-63, and boot camp classes usually clock in at about 30-45 minutes. While their boot camps are not advertised as \"hardcore\"—they forgo negative feedback—they do offer strict structure to help camp attendees maintain and accomplish their goals. A twelve-week online nutrition program is also offered.

Transformations 4 Life 120 Dejarnette Lane Murfreesboro, TN 37130 615-849-8318

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat is a military-style boot camp located in Tennessee. While also fitness-oriented, this camp incorporates military-style training such as military cadence, boot-camp oriented exercises such as push-ups and jumping jacks, and drills based on calisthenics and agility. Morning and evening classes are held in both Murfreesboro and Nashville, and new classes start in the middle of each new month. The camp is open to both men and women. There are also two levels: premium boot camp, which is four days per week, and basic boot camp, which is two days per week. The premium camp also includes services such as a personal nutrition plan and t-shirt.

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat Huffman Road Joelton, TN 37211 615-294-2060

Wayne County Boot Camp

Wayne County Boot Camp (WCBC) is a military-style boot camp that treats offenders who have been convicted of non-violent crimes (six years of less), and who are under the age of 35. An incarceration camp, it incorporates military training such as drills, respecting authority, and even military-style ceremony. Participation can last anywhere between 90 and 120 days. Completion of the boot camp results in probation. The program is listed as minimum security.

Wayne County Boot Camp P.O. Box 182 Clifton, TN 38425 931-676-3345