Military Schools for Boys of Age Nine

If you are seeking a disciplined education for your nine-year-old son, an elementary military school may be what you are looking for 234. Though most military schools enroll students between sixth and twelfth grade, elementary military schools enroll students between the ages of seven and twelve 234. Many children are enrolled in elementary military schools due to bad behavior or lack of discipline 234. Military schools teach fundamentals such as teamwork, leadership, hard work and responsibility.

Saint Catherine's Academy

Saint Catherine's Academy is located in Anaheim, California 1. The school only enrolls boys, and teaches kindergarten to eighth grade. The school is a Catholic military school and strives to teach boys character, responsibility, motivation and competitiveness 23. The school also teaches the Catholic religion and strives to teach students faith and morality. Students are required to wear cadet uniforms and the school participates in military events, such as Civil War reenactments and the Military Ball 2.

West Point Elementary School

West Point Elementary School is located at the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York 234. The school teaches both boys and girls entering into kindergarten to fourth grade. The school does not require a uniform and focuses on teaching students to be helpful and responsible. In order for your child to attend West Point Elementary School, he must reside in USMA military housing 234. The school offers gifted and special-needs programs, speech and foreign-language classes.

Military Heights Elementary School

Military Heights Elementary School is located in Roswell, New Mexico 234. This school enrolls both boys and girls and teaches first grade through fifth grade. The school has a strong curriculum and strict policies meant to keep students in line. Administration describes the school's strict policies as discipline meant to teach students appropriate behavior and add a structure of rules and consequences to a student's life. The school offers a library and a media center.

Admiral Farragut Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy is a military school located in St. Petersburg, Florida 2. It enrolls both boys and girls and teaches preschool to twelfth grade. The school focuses on teaching cadets leadership, academic excellence and social development, which includes commitment, integrity and self-discipline. Students are required to wear a cadet uniform and are encouraged to participate in a number of sports ranging from basketball, soccer and football to cross-country, swimming and volley ball.

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