How to Make a Toy Wrestling Ring

Wrestling figures are some of the most popular toys for young males, but instead of purchasing an official WWE ring for upwards of $50, you can create your own toy wrestling ring at home. The ring is easy to put together, and the wrestling fan in your home can participate in the creation as well. Most of the items needed to create this ring can be found around the house, but a few may need to be bought at a craft store.

Use a square plastic container for the base of the ring. Discard the cover of the container and use the bottom as a ring base. Older containers may round out on the bottom after a lot of use, so look for one that is flat so the figures can stand easily.

Drill a hole in each of the corners. These holes will be used later for ring posts, so keep them as close to the corner as possible. Discard the shreds of plastic that form when the holes are created.

Lay a piece of light blue felt over the top of the ring. This will act as the ring mat for the wrestlers. Instead of felt, you can use a thinner material like plastic or rubber if your craft store carries it. Secure the ring mat using a layer of glue. Use scissors or a knife to cut holes where the corners are.

Choose what color ring aprons you want. WWE Raw ring aprons are black and red, ECW has black, and Smackdown uses blue and silver. Use colored cotton fabric to create the ring aprons, but before you attach them, put on decals using glitter glue or fabric markers. Attach them by sewing them to the ring mat or gluing the top edge across the aprons.

Create the ring posts for the ring. Use four long Lincoln Logs for the posts. The logs are sturdy and already have three notches in them that can be used to hold up turn buckles and ring ropes. Wrap the ropes in metallic tape, or use tin foil to give them a flashier look. Stick them through the holes so that they stay tight.

Flip the ring over and secure each post with super glue under the corners. You can also glue washers underneath each one to prevent the posts from being pulled back up.

Use long hair ties for the ring ropes. Use three long ropes instead of ropes of each side of the ring because it will make the creation more stable. Tie a rope around a ring post, and then guide it in a clockwise motion around the ring. Do a loop around each post to make the ropes more secure. Tie them off at the starting point.

Wrap cotton balls in small pieces of latex to create the turnbuckles. Use dental floss or fishing line to string the turnbuckles into each corner. There should be a total of 12 turnbuckles created. The colors can match the apron or ring rope colors.

Finish the ring with any extra details you want to add. You can place WWE stickers around the ring to make it look more official, or do your own drawings with permanent markers.