How to Make a Simple Poinsettia Craft with Young Children

The Christmas season is the optimal time to make ornaments for a Christmas tree, bake and decorate cookies and, of course, make homemade crafts with your toddler. The poinsettia, a widely used flower during the Christmas season, is native to Mexico and was originally harvested for purple dye and to make fever medicine 1. Avoid the mess of glitter and beads common with many crafts by making a simple poinsettia flower out of construction paper to hang on your tree.

Print a poinsettia template out on regular paper or card stock if you want something more durable that won't wear down as quickly when your toddler constantly takes it off the tree and puts it back on. See the resources at the bottom of this article for a link to a template.

Color the flowers red and the leaf green using crayons, colored pencils or markers. Your toddler might want to use different colors. Let her have fun and make a purple and pink poinsettia if she wants.

Cut both flowers and the leaf out.

Glue the flowers together with white glue or a glue stick by placing one flower on top of the other with the top flower overlapping in the spaces on the bottom flower.

Glue the leaf behind the two flowers. The leaf's points should stick out between the petals of your big poinsettia flower.

Punch two holes in the center of the poinsettia with a hole punch.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and insert the ends into the pair of holes. Pull it through until only the ends are sticking out at the top of your craft.

Glue small gold decorations in the center of the flower. You can use small yellow circles cut out of construction paper, gold buttons or gold foil.

Hang your ornament on the tree, stick it on the fridge or put it on a wreath to create a festive and fun environment for your toddler to count down the days until Santa comes.


Use felt instead of paper for a more unique poinsettia by placing the template over green and red felt, tracing the pattern with a marker and cutting it out.

Make multiples and hang them up in your windows for neighbors to see during this festive time of year.


Avoid using small beads or anything tiny that your toddler might accidentally choke on if it falls off at some point and you're not there to monitor him.