How to Make a RC Helicopter Landing Pad

After spending a bunch of money and/or slaving away for hours building an RC helicopter, the last thing in the world you want to see is your precious toy come apart upon impact with a hard surface. This heartbreaker can be forestalled with some rubber matting, a sharp knife, and an afternoon of relatively low-key crafting.

Lay the rubber matting (it should be a 2-foot by 2-foot square) on a cutting board.

Mark out the size and shape of your as-yet-nonexistent landing pad on the rubber matting with the marker, using the ruler to ensure straight edges.

Cut the marked-out shape from the matting with the utility knife, paying careful attention to stay within the lines. Cut away any excess once the shape is fully out of the matting.

Place the landing pad on a large, flat surface that is clear of any aerial obstructions, and gently land your helicopter on it. Watch the mat to make sure it doesn’t twist when the landing skids come into contact with it.


The area around your work space must have enough open space to allow you to work without bumping your elbows.

You can choose different-colored matting and decorate it as you like to simulate an actual landing pad's colors.


You have to assume that every landing will not be pinpoint-accurate, so leave extra room on the pad for off-center landings.