How to Make a Paper Airplane Launcher

What could make a paper airplane even more fun 1? How about a launcher that can send it soaring over 50 feet through the air? Kits for fancy electronic launchers are readily available at educational toy stores, but it doesn't have to be that complicated or that expensive.
A great simple and effective launcher can be made using just a couple of everyday office supplies.

Attach the rubber band to the pencil. Wrap the rubber band underneath one end of the pencil. Then insert the loop on one end of the rubber band through the loop on the other end and pull tight. This will create a snug loop around the end of the pencil.

Test the wind. Determine which direction the wind is blowing by throwing a small amount of dirt into the air and watching the direction that the wind takes it.
You want to launch your plane perpendicular to this wind, never directly into or against the wind.

Position the rubber band. To use the launcher, hold the end of the rubber band down on the plane between your thumb and forefinger. For best results, position the rubber band in the same spot you would normally hold the plane to launch it by hand.

Launch the plane. Now that the rubber band is in place, all you need to do is pull back on the pencil and let go.


Be very careful not to aim the pencil or plane toward yourself or another person. Be especially careful about sending it toward someone's face. With a rubber band launcher, your plane will be traveling at a high rate of speed and can be dangerous.