How to Make Metal Barn Star Decorations

The American barn star dates back over 300 years. When they first appeared, the stars were painted onto the walls of the barn. Today they are most commonly seen as three-dimensional metal shapes. Barn stars are commonly used in interior decorating. The stars are relatively inexpensive and easy to create. You can use them to lend character to your home in many creative ways.

Draw and cut out a kite shape on a piece of cardboard. This will be the pattern for the star. The kite should have four sides, with two different lengths. The top two lengths should be equal to each other, and the bottom two lengths should be equal and longer than the top. The shape should be symmetrical.

Trace the pattern onto a piece of sheet metal. You will need five of the kite shapes to create a full star.

Cut out the kite shapes with tin snips.

Fold the metal kite shapes so that there is a crease going through the center of the longest part. Lay the sheet metal over a block of wood or table end. Use the corner of the wood to create the crease in the metal.

Place two kite shapes together, matching two points of the shorter sides. Solder the seam between the two. Continue connecting the shorter sides of the kite pieces. As you solder each piece together you will see the shape of the star beginning to form.

Drill a hole in the top point of the star 1.

Sand the edges of the star with metal sandpaper to remove any sharp edges.

Paint the star as desired.

Thread a string through the hole to hang the star.


Making different sized kite shapes will create different sized stars.

Drill holes through the kite shapes before soldering together. Hang the stars in front of a window for an attractive look.

Sanding off some of the paint after it dries will create a rustic effect.

Hanging three different sized stars at different heights close together creates a great look.